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Giving to the Dayton Historic Depot

In 1976, an endowment fund was started at the Blue Mountain Community Foundation for the Dayton Historic Depot in honor of Ernestine Peabody. That original donation of $16,000 has grown to $54,000. Some of the proceeds from that endowment are contributed to the 30 year maintenance fund for the Depot which helps to fund maintenance on the building and grounds.

We have an ambitious plan to raise $950,000 in gifts and pledges by 2020 in order to enlarge this Endowment to a million dollars. This amount would give the Depot a conservative $40,000/year toward our current budget of $75,000. At this point, we receive about $45,000 annually from fund-raising events, memberships, grants, donations and the museum gift shop. This endowment would put us on a path to being self-sustaining.

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How you can help...

A Gift of Cash

The most common method of giving to the DHDS is through a check payable to the Dayton Historical Depot Society. Your gift can be given in memory of a loved one or friend. You may direct it into a specific DHDS program or leave it unrestricted which allows the DHDS to use your gift where it is needed most. All cash gifts are tax deductible.

Gift by Will

One of the simplest ways to distribute your estate is through a will. After providing for your loved ones you can make a charitable bequest to the DHDS of a specified dollar amount, specific property, or a percentage of your estate.

Gift in Trust or Annuities

Naming the DHDS as recipient of a trust or annuity can provide funds for the Depot while providing tax advantages and a lifetime income for you, depending upon the terms of the agreement.

Gift of Life Insurance

A gift of life insurance offers an opportunity to make a substantial contribution to the DHDS that you might otherwise be unable to make. If a paid up life insurance policy is no longer needed for family protection, you can give it or a portion of it to the DHDS, and you, as the donor, may qualify for an immediate tax deduction.

Gift of Real Estate

You can make a gift of a house or other real property, outright, or in trust (perhaps while retaining the use of the property for as long as you live). Your gift may allow you to realize a tax deduction and avoid capital gains taxes.

Gift to the Foundation

The Dayton Historical Depot Endowment is established at the Blue Mountain Community Foundation (BMCF) which provides an interest income annually to the DHDS. Donations of any size can be made directly to this BMCF account.


Please contact your attorney in order to arrange your donation.

Download an informational brochure

You may download a brochure that contains information about giving to the Dayton Historic Depot here.

About the Boldman House Museum...

In 2000, we received the bulk of the Gladys M. Boldman estate and historic home. This revenue has restored the Boldman House and grounds, and funds the operation and maintenance of the Boldman House Museum. A small portion of this is paid to the Depot to cover the costs of bookkeeping and accounting. Other uses of these funds are strictly managed by the Depot Board of Directors.

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