Welcome to the Dayton Historical Depot Society.

The Dayton Historical Depot Society is charged with maintaining two unique museums, as well as the Newland/Pioneer Cemetery.

The Depot and the Boldman House are open!  


Dayton Historic Depot Hours:  Wednesday-Saturday 11:00-4:00

Boldman House Hours:  Wednesday, Friday 11:00-1:00; Saturday 11:00-4:00



This Year’s Membership Drive is Underway

By becoming a member, you are helping to fund the operations of the Depot & Boldman House Museums. It’s a great opportunity to meet other members, be involved in the community, and share Dayton’s history. For more information, you can call the depot, stop by during open hours, or  click here to purchase your 2021 membership online.


Please see the Events page to learn more about our current exhibits.

The Boldman House Museum

The Dayton Historic Depot

The Newland/Pioneer Cemetery