Welcome to the Dayton Historical Depot Society.

The Dayton Historical Depot Society is charged with maintaining two unique museums, as well as the Newland/Pioneer Cemetery.

The Depot and the Boldman House Museums will be closed at least through April 31, 2020.  Stay well and visit us once the health emergency is over.  We will dance in the streets!

Our membership drive is underway.  Submit your membership and/or donation by March 31, and you will be entered into a drawing for a $50 gift card at the Weinhard Cafe!  Click on the Support button.

Membership benefits include ten percent off all museum shop purchases with your membership card, five dollars discount on the Historic Home tours with your membership card, invitations to members only events, free biannual newsletters, and the opportunity to volunteer, meet other members, and share in Dayton’s history.

The Boldman House Museum

The Dayton Historic Depot

The Newland/Pioneer Cemetery