The Society

The Dayton Historical Depot Society, formed in 1974 as a group of concerned citizens, worked to save Dayton’s Historic Depot.  The following year, Union Pacific donated the Depot to the Society and work to restore the beautiful building began.  The museum opened in 1981.  In 1999, the Society’s responsibilities expanded when Gladys Boldman donated her estate and directed the Society to create an educational showplace.  After many years of sorting, this second museum presents a unique view of one family’s 20th century collection.

Dayton Historical Depot Society

Board Members

Ginny Butler, President

Bobbette Hedman, Vice President

Jennie Dickinson, Treasurer

Kari Dingman, Secretary

Katy Wamble, Past President

Cathy Lee-Haight

Madeleine Shultice

Maura Trainor

Susan Hosticka

Robin Fitch

Boldman Committee Members

Sylvia Beuhler

Ginny Butler

Sharon Eaton

Larry Fairchild

Mary Luce

Susan Richter

Susie Rogers

Katy Wamble

Van Whysong


Karina Baker, Museum Director

Helen Peoples, Boldman House Manager & Society Curator

Mission Statement

The Dayton Historical Depot Society’s mission is to maintain and use its primary artifacts, the Depot building and the Boldman House, for the interpretation and education of local history.  In keeping with their historical status, the Depot and the Boldman House will serve as resources for community use.

The Depot Society will continue the conservation of photographs, archives, video histories, and historical artifacts and also serve as a resource to encourage the preservation of local history.  The Society’s collection will enhance its ability to educate and interpret without degrading the Depot’s or the Boldman House’s historical designations on the Local, State and National Registers of Historic Places.