Both the Boldman House Museum and the Dayton Historic Depot have rotating exhibits.



  • The Boldman House: A walk through this house museum is a journey through time. You’ll see glimpses of “life-as-it-was” from nearly every decade of the 20th century.
  • The Upstairs Gallery at the Dayton Historic Depot: “Romping in the Blues”  This year’s exhibit examines how residents of Columbia County have used the Blue Mountains as a playground for camping, hiking, fishing, and hunting.  Thank you to those who loaned us artifacts:  Meredith Bretz, Kari Dingman, Del & Adena Avery, Tracy & Kim Clark, Katy Wamble, Craig Martin, Larry Fairchild, Cathy Lee-Haight, Ray Tracy, Terry Steinhoff, Mary Ann Ward, Simona & Kevin Hancock, and Denise Hoon.
  • The Ticket Office and Waiting Room in the Dayton Historic Depot: “Gladys, Doris, and Lela:  A 1935 West Coast Tour”  This exhibit follows the vacation Gladys Boldman took with two friends when she was 26 years old.
  • The Ticket Office and Hallway in the Dayton Historic Depot: “Columbia County – An Artist’s Perspective” The Blue Mountain Artists Guild has provided artwork from several local artists, depicting the beauty of our area. Artwork is for sale while on display.

The Depot building and grounds are a special place to hold your events, such as weddings, receptions, parties, family reunions, or office workshops.  Inside gatherings can be held in the Waiting Room and Ticket Office downstairs or in the Upstairs Gallery that has a small kitchen adjacent.  The Depot balcony is a wonderful place from which to toss a wedding bouquet!

The outside courtyard is made of smooth, stamped concrete under a beautiful tree canopy and has ample room for tables and chairs.  The perimeter is lined with built-in wooden benches and attractive landscaping.  Adjacent to the courtyard is a lawn area that can be used separately or in conjunction with courtyard events.

The Depot is located across the alley from the Weinhard Hotel, a Victorian lodging establishment with a rooftop garden.  It is a wonderful place for honeymooners.