Columbia County is located in the rolling hills of southeastern Washington.  The year begins with the hills covered in white snow and as it melts, the bright green of winter wheat emerges.  As summer comes on, the hills become gold, and the wheat is harvested.  The changing hillsides mark the seasons for those of us who live here.  Agriculture built our community and agriculture sustains it still.


Tucked among the fields and farms, Dayton has become a vibrant community that provides entertainment for its visitors year around. We have four museums, the oldest working courthouse in the state, a picturesque downtown filled with old-fashioned shops, and restaurants where you just cannot get a bad meal.


With our location between the Blue Mountains and the Scablands left by the Missoula flood, outdoor recreation is available year around.  Ski Bluewood is 20 miles south of town in the Umatilla National Forest.  Palouse Falls State Park is 40 minutes from downtown.


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